SECU Truck Control

Truck Control ENG 2Oil companies and forwarders are faced with the problem that the amount of product (liter, weight, quality) that has been loaded does not always arrive in the same amount and/or quality at the petrol station or other unloading points.
SECU Truck Control, the stand-alone anti-theft system (SPD), can be used to manage up to 64+4 inputs and 40+2 outputs, so that the customer can be certain that the product will not be manipulated during transport. In addition SECU Truck Control offers up to 16 analogue inputs and up to 8 analogue outputs, which can be used for example for level gauging or pressure measurements.

When using SECU Truck Control, live tracking and geo-fencing with email alerts, the customer has a useful tool on hand to fully control his entire logistics chain. Everything is supported by a user-friendly data management program SECU-App.


The SECU Truck Control has a modular design and is suitable for use in EX and non-EX zones, whereby the system itself must be located in a protected area.


The following components are available:

  • SECU Truck Control TC-Main with 4 inputs and 2 outputs / includes: GPS, backup battery, display, keypad for code entry.
  • SECU Truck Control TC-IN with up to 64 inputs and 16 analogue inputs (TC-Main can be extended with up to 3 TC-IN)
  • SECU Truck Control TC-OUT with up to 40 outputs and 8 analogue outputs (TC-Main can be extended with up to 2 TC-OUT)

SECU Truck Control includes:

  • Geofencing for endlessly address files and historical data
  • Link to on-board computer systems

Data to be sent:

  • Ongoing tanker truck data to the customer, daily reports
  • Immediate alarm messages to any number of email addresses
  • Information in graphic design for easy traceability

It offers the customer:

  • Data packages for his own software
  • Email alerts
  • Real-time event logs and location
  • Mapping
  • Detailed current data
  • Historical data with filter options.
  • Customer specific markers can be set and customer specific adaptations realized


The system can use a variety of sensors on the tanker-truck to detect and evaluate additional information about the activities on the vehicle, such as man-lid sensors, API sensors, bottom valve sensors, instrument box sensors, etc. The tanker is equipped with a modem which sends out immediate emails in case of unauthorized access. The system works with geo-fencing and map data. With this equipment, it is also possible to allow the customer coded discharges. The SIM card for the modem is integrated by the customer.

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