Deadman Systems

LRC (Level Remote Control) for safe and efficient loading and unloading of tanker-truck vehicles in EX and non-EX areas


  • Mineral oil products (EX and not EX)
  • Chemical products
  • LPG, technical gases
  • Ship refueling
  • Loading/Unloading of tanker-trucks
  • Filling of stationary tanks, and much more

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  • Safe loading and unloading increase the performance of tank trucks.
  • Better use of tank truck vehicles, every loading and unloading process can save time and cost
  • Easy handling and comfort for the user
  • All remote control functions are integrated in a single device.

LRC (Level Remote Control) dead-man systems can be used to load or unload all transport vehicles in the EX or non-EX area (fuel, diesel, LPG, chemicals, industrial gases, powders, ammoniak, kerosene, etc.).

Deadman times can be customized. The most commonly used deadman times are 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or 4 minutes. Any other dead man's time can be programmed by SECU-TECH team according to customer specifications.

The system can be installed stationary (tank truck loading) or mobile on the tank truck (discharge into the customer's tanks).

The dead man is activated by key combination on the keyboard. Then the dead man's time starts, for example: 30 seconds to run. On the non-EX device, the deadmans time for the operator is shown on the display. The operator must confirm by pressing a button on the device that he is still attentive, then the dead man's time starts again. If the operator does not give an acknowledgment during the countdown of the dead man's time, he will receive a signal (in our example) after 20 seconds (EX device: beep / non-EX device: flashing display) for 10 seconds. If the operator does not confirm by pressing the button on the device during the last 10 seconds, the entire loading / unloading process is automatically stopped.

During operation, the additional remote control functions can be used (e.g. speed control up / down, motor or pump start / stop, emergency stop).

During operation, an emergency stop is always possible on the remote control.

The system can be used as a security system for a wide variety of applications.

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