SECU-DATA-LEVEL uses the latest technology for the transmission of measurement data via radio links in the 433 MHz range. The fill levels can be determined from a wide variety of probes with 4-20mA outputs as well as from different locations and transferred to a PC.T

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Key Features:

  • Wireless measurement data transmission
  • Can be used in hazardous areas (SD 420L, SD 421L, SD 232L)
  • Protection category IP67 for outdoor applications
  • No wiring between probe and control panel
  • Fast and easy installation without digging work
  • Highest reliability due to interference-free radio connection with automatic channel selection..
  • Data management of up to 100 tanks
  • Range for local tanks up to 1500m
  • Far remote tanks can easily be controlled via GSM or line modem.


  • Tank level monitoring with wireless data transmission to a tank overview.
  • The devices are approved for use in Ex zones and up to 100 measuring stations can be sent to a central receiver.
  • SECU Data is suitable for temporary and stationary use.

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Product variants

  • SD420L / SD421L EX
  • SD1420L / SD1421L EX
Secu Data SD420L / SD421L EX 1000x1000Secu Data SD1420L / SD1421L EX 1000x1000Secu Data SECU DATA MANAGER 1000x1000

Application field

SECU Data Tankfarm

Product Overview

Product Information SECU DATA L

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