LRC 3 antenna technology

secu tech lrc3 antenne

"LRC 3" does not require its own receiver unit in the form of a special antenna box. This receiver unit is integrated in the receiver electronics "LRC 3 Control".

Verschiedene Antennenstab Varianten stehen je nach Anwendungsbedarf zur Verfügung.
For example:

  • Roof antennas in 15 cm rod length
  • Roof antennas in 30 cm rod length
  • Antenna rods 15 cm
  • Antenna rods 30 cm

Depending on whether "LRC 3 Control" is mounted directly at the highest point, the antenna rods can be mounted directly on the "LRC 3 Control". If mounting at the highest point is not possible or not desired, a roof antenna is highly recommended.

The use of lambda ½ (30 cm) antennas compared to lambda ¼ (15 cm) brings about 30% more range in the open field.


  • Mineraloil products not EX
  • Heating Oil products
  • Chemical products not EX
  • Foods Industry
  • Loading/unloading of road tankers
  • Filling of stationary tanks and much more

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