secu multi usb

The SECU USB232 adapter is used for programming components with RS232 connections in EX Zone 1. The program "SECU PID Programmer" works together with the SECU USB / 232 adapter and is used to program the SECU MultiPID's.

Included in delivery is a program for reading and writing the SECU MultiPID`s (the corresponding program is is available on request). This application is updated automatically with existing Internet connection, in order to always meet the requirements and product lists of the latest European standards.




  • Convert an USB signal to RS232.
  • Modern PCs or laptops usually have no RS 232 connection. The SECU USB232 converts the PC signals to the RS 232 standard signal.
  • Intrinsically safe supply
  • The SECU USB232 provides the intrinsically safe supply for the peripherals at the RS 232 interface in the EX Zone 1.
  • The SECU USB232 is normally used to program the SECU MultiPID in the filling shaft at the petrol station and is certified for use in Ex Zone 1.
  • Compatibility with other systems
  • The SECU USB232 can also be used with other electronic units in EX Zone 1.

Highest safety:

  • The intrinsically safe supply of the peripheral devices ensures a high degree of safety. The robust housing is designed for harsh everyday use.

ATEX certified:

  • for zone 1


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