By continuous controlling of product and vapour recovery connections (compliance to the VOC directive) false filling or cross filling in the compartment of the tanker truck and to the petrol station is avoided. The system works independent in the background and stops automatically immediately the process if the operator works incorrect.


  • The comprehensive solution for safe and efficient fuel distribution. The SECU Multi TANK system includes all fuel delivery components, from loading the tank truck at the depot to the unloading process of the fuel at the petrol station. Quality assurance system (cross-fill-prevention), overfill prevention system and grounding control are integrated.

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  • Time and cost savings: Since several products can be loaded or unloaded at the same time.
  • Faster unloading - only one overfill prevention probe cable is necessary and the “fix” earthing monitoring is done automatically
  • For installation - only a small electronic instead of 6 individual PIDs is necessary.
  • For maintenance - because the reprogramming (via USB) can be done locally.
  • Flexibility - since two channels can be switched during operation, e.g. via Modbus to assemble different product compositions during loading the tanker- truck (for example: there are coming 2 different products over 1 loading arm)
  • Maximum safety: Each individual product and vapor recovery connection is monitored.
  • If a hose breakes or leaks the system stops automatically.
  • All retain sensors (wet-leg-sensors) on the tanker truck are permanently analyzed.
  • Automatical surveillance of every action on the tanker truck with GPS coordinates is done.
  • No power supply at the depot and at the petrol station necessary, all devices are supplied directly from the tank truck.
  • Theft prevention - Theft-control sensors can be integrated and controlled.
  • Fully compatible:The data format complies with the latest European Standards (EN 14116, EN 13616) and is fully compatible to common tanker truck management and quality assurance system on the market
  • If required, overfill prevention probes are supported parallel to the SECU MultiTANK system to enable unloading of tanker trucks with other systems like, for example, cable overfilling prevention systems.
  • ATEX certified: All SECU MultiTANK components are certified accordingly.
  • Quality Assurance System