Torrix Mobile + SECU Intellicom + Tank Monitoring

Torrix Mobile

Mobile Solutions for Tanker-Trucks

Level Gauging in Tanker-Trucks and for other mobile Applications with Data Transfer

Complete system for Level Gauging with Data Transfer for Tanker-Trucks

The system measures the level and the temperature of the product high accurate and continuously and sends this to the Tank Monitoring Data Management Program for analyses, evaluation and information for the customer, including high- and low-level alarms as well as alarms on unusual losses (theft control).

Combined with GPS- and Geo-Fence, tour tracking and route plannings are possible.

torrix screen

Application possibilities:

  • Different products in the tanker-truck
  • Other mobile use (e.g. train waggons)
  • EX- and non EX-Applications
  • Stationary Applications
  • Configurable reports and alarm messages
  • Evaluation over the Data Management Program „Tankmonitoring“ at the PC or mobile
  • Route tracking and Route plannings


  • Continuous, high accurate Level Gauging
  • 1 Floater (Product) or 2 Floaters (Water+Product)
  • Temperature Measurement of Product / 15°C Temperature compensation
  • GPS functionality + Geo Fencing
  • Configurable alarm settings
  • Graphics, Statistics, Historical Data
  • Configuration and Settings can be changed remotely
  • Easy Installation
  • Data Integration in existing systems possible
  • Interface: RS485/RTU
  • Gauge can be delivered with flansh- or screw-in thread

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