Smart Box Mini

Electronic content indicator for non-pressure tanks, consisting of a digital display and a mechanical level indicator. Fuel oil, fuel oil BIO, diesel fuel, FAME, vegetable oil, waste oil, other non-flammable water-polluting liquids, rainwater, Ad Blue, can be monitored.

fuellstand smart box mini


The tank content is determined by measuring the filling level according to the float principle. By means of electronic interface, the level signal
via a cable that can be extended up to 50 m, passed on to the digital display device SmartBox® MINI, converted to the set output value and shown on the display.

DBy touching the sensor on the digital display device, the tank contents, depending on the individual setting, are displayed in liters, volume percent or as fill level in centimeters for a few seconds.

Regardless of this, the filling level on the scale of the mechanical level indicator type FSA-E can be read continuously in centimeters.


  • Heating oil
  • Heating oil BIO
  • Diesel fuel
  • FAME
  • Vegetable oil
  • Waste oil
  • Other water-polluting non-flammable liquids
  • Rainwater
  • AdBlue

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Product components:

SmartBox® MINI

  • Display for dry and protected rooms, IP30 level indicator type FSA-E for dry and protected rooms, IP30

spare part

  • Mechanical level indicator type FSA-E for measuring range 0 to 250 cm equipment


  • Reducer for tank connection KST AG G 2 x IG G 1 1/2

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