Secu-Tech celebrates its 20th anniversary

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Dear employees, valued customers and partners,

We look back with pride on two decades of successful business activity. It was and is a time full of challenges, successes, growth and, above all, solidarity. Together we have achieved milestones over the last 20 years that have made our company what it is today.

The journey began two decades ago with a vision, a team of committed people and the belief in success. Since then, we have been through ups and downs together, driven innovation, conquered our place in markets and, most importantly, worked together as a family.

In these 20 years, we have not only developed products and services, but also built relationships - relationships with customers, partners and, above all, with everyone here in the company. Our success is based on trust, integrity and continuous development.

We would like to thank each and every one of us - the employees who do their best every day, the customers who put their trust in us, the partners who work with us and everyone who has contributed to our success.

The future looks bright and we are ready for the next 20 years and beyond. With a strong team, clear goals and the will to continue delivering excellence, we are confident that the coming years will be as successful as the past.

Here’s to the next 20 years! Together we will continue to grow, learn and succeed.

Thank you for your support and commitment.

With kind regards

Dagmar Höckner-Schallmeiner

Secu-Tech on the bunker ship at the port of Hamburg

Hamburger Hafen 2024 ENGCustomer visit at the port of Hamburg. A supply ship equipped with Secu ship bunkering equippment was visited by Mrs.Dagmar Höckner-Schallmeiner and Mr.Werner Denk at the beginning of February. The system has been running for several years and is an important detail on the ship to prevent overfilling when refueling other ships.

Downstream Efficiency

Large Rectangle1As important as it is to avoid product mix and overfill into tank truck compartments and fuel stations, it is also very important to make sure that the amount and quality of fuel stays the same from the time it has been loaded until it arrives at the fuel station. Secu-Tech provides a comprehensive data management system of the whole logistic chain in real time.

Secu-Tech Sales Meeting 2023 Youtube Video

Sales Meeting Salzburg 2023Pictures from our sales meeting in Salzburg. The best atmosphere and interesting contributions and lectures were the setting for this truly successful event. We thank everyone who was there this time and hope that those who couldn't be there will manage to be there next time.

Advertisement from Secu-Tech GmbH partner in Poland

Werbung Przemo BroschreLPG is an inexpensive and safe energy source whose popularity is still growing in Poland. LPG is worth investing in, regardless of whether we use it for propulsion or heating purposes.

Provided by our business partner in Poland: IPS System

LRC4 "Product Information"

Level Remote Control Extented 

Inserat LRC4 ENG

LRC4 - next generation of SECU-TECH GmbH overspill prevention and overfill protection

Find out more about all the advantages of the new LRC4 and the enormous range of possible uses to protect against accidents, pollution and environmental damage.

Deadman system for hazardous zones and products

Inserat LRC Totmann DE geU

Deadman and/or Easy Deadman configurable
Deadman time is configurable (e.g.: 30 sec.; 1min, 2min, 4min,...)
ATEX hand-held transmitter with ATEX battery
EMERGENCY stop possible at any time
Additional remote control functions (e.g. speed change,...)
Long range
Acoustic and visual warning on the hand-held transmitter (when the dead man's time has expired)

New Partner for Italy

TGI Tank Gauging ITALIEN ENGWe welcome our new partner company "Tank Gauging System Italy".

During his visit to Leobersdorf, Mr. Marco Paradiso was welcomed by Secu-Tech Product Manager Manuel Kriz and Sales & Quality Management Msc Daniela Schachl and informed about our product range.

Tamper Protection on Tanker Trucks

Tamper protection on tanker trucks

With the Secu SEAL Tools, tampering attempts, can be detected through the use of special seals against manipulation activities on tanker-truck.

Tamper-proof tanker control box

Riegler Manipultionssichere Steuerbox ENG

The tamper-proof control box for tankers includes a control unit that is used to transmit control signals to solenoid valves. These solenoid valves switch the drain valves of a tank. Sensors are assigned to the floor and collector valves, which record the actual switching status of the valves. The control unit compares the pressure switch signals with the control signals and detects any discrepancies. If this occurs, an event signal is issued.

Tanker Trucks Equipments

Zeichenfläche 1 ENGFind out which solutions Secu-Tech Tanker Truck Equipment have for

Over Fillings,
Cross Fillings,
Product Mixing,
Product Cocktails,
Theft Control,
Truck Positioning,

Level Gauging and solutions for metering of fuels, Diesel, Kerosene, LPG and many other high explosive liquids.

Torrix Mobile & SecuTank DATA & Truck Monitoring

Torrix Mobile Querformat ENG Kopie

Tank truck monitoring:

Highly accurate, continuous level measurement (product and water)
Programmable alarm messages
Local display + truck monitoring with email alerts
Local display without truck monitoring with local alarms
Graphics, statistics, historical data
Configuration changes can be migrated remotely
Data integration into existing systems possible.

Secu-Tech presents new partner in Portugal

Plexus News ENG

We welcome our new sales and technical partner for Portugal. Plexus is an important trading partner when it comes to safety and technology in the entire mineral oil industry. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to have this important partner at our side in a challenging market

Stationary Overfill Prevention "EX AREA"

Thermischer Standaufnehmer Sept ENGThermal level sensor - overfill protection in the Ex area. The thermal limit switch (with ATEX approval) protects storage tanks with potentially explosive liquids from overfilling. The maintenance-free thermal level sensor can be easily installed in all tanks. Fast and precise, reliable, durable.

Intrinsically safe LPG logger with sensor connections

TEK 822 ENGLevel measurement in the EX area with battery-powered level measurement on the LPG tank. The fill level is measured using the standardized Rochester probe and transmitted to "Tankmonitoring" or the "Tank-View App" with data transmission

Radio Controlled Overfill Prevention LPG Tanker Trucks

MARZ LRC Gas ENG100% overfill protection
All remote control functions integrated in one system
All time limiter control
No cable
Offload quicker
More efficiency
                                                                            Simple handling and user-friendly

Downstream Efficiency

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Next to the importance that product mix into compartments of
tanker-trucks and product mix as well as overfill into fuel stations
need to be avoided, the control of the product during transport, too
be sure, that the exact amount and quality of what has being loaded
at the depot arrives at the fuel station, becomes more and more
important. Combined with a comprehensive data-management
information of the complete logistic chain is provided in real-time
and location for mineral-oil companies and hauliers.

Torrix Mobile + SecuTank Data + Tank Monitoring

TorrixMobile Solutions for Tanker-Trucks

Level Gauging in Tanker-Trucks and for other mobile Applications with Data Transfer

Complete system for Level Gauging with Data Transfer for Tanker-Trucks

The system measures the level and the temperature of the product high accurate and continuously and sends this to the Tank Monitoring Data Management Program for analyses, evaluation and information for the customer, including high- and low-level alarms as well as alarms on unusual losses (theft control).

Combined with GPS- and Geo-Fence, tour tracking and route plannings are possible.


 Tankmonitoring ENGTank content monitoring for mobile and stationary tanks. Clear display on the tank monitoring platform enables a precise overview of all stationary and moving quantities. Planning and clear presentation give the operator security.

Erpec News April 2021

O2 PID Video HinweisIn its April issue, the online magazine ERPEC News publishes the MULTI Tank Video on the subject of overfill and crossfill prevention for tanker trucks and filling stations.

Succesful Penetration Test

Penetration testHiSolutions AG confirms the successful implementation of a penetration test
of the IT system "FortiGate 50E" from Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH im
November 2020. The objectives of the security review were, the identification of
Vulnerabilities as well as the examination of unauthorized access possibilities.

Erpec News September 2020

erpec news

Find out how Secu-Tech GmbH can support you in your efforts to use your tanker truck logistics efficiently and how your fleet can be controlled all time.

Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH (SECU-TECH) is a global supplier for systems and solutions for safe and efficient loading/unloading liquid products and fuel distribution focusing on wireless deadman systems, electronic Overfill Prevention Systems, Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems, SPD and E-Sealing (Theft Control) Systems, Data Management Solutions including Tacking, Mapping, Geo-Fencing, Alarm-Mailing, etc.

Especially Mineraloil-, Petrochemical- and Chemical Companies are well known for being ahead in environmental thinking and focus on comprehensive and sophisticated, as well as technically high quality solutions.

That is the reason why more and more following a strategy of safety and efficiency in the loading and unloading processes and using our wireless Dead-Man systems, Overfill Prevention Systems and Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems and have already implemented these kind of solutions in their loading terminals, tanker-trucks and fuel stations.

They are already taking profit of having control over their loading and unloading processes and complete logistic chain and - together with their outsourced fleets from the hauliers - protecting their workflow against overspills and cross-fills, saving a lot of money and time as well as protecting the environment and their own brand reputation.

The different systems on petrol-stations, tanker-trucks, loading terminals can be adapted to customer and local requirements.

Wireless DEAD MAN Controls

The use of deadman devices when loading and unloading products reliably prevents overfilling or other potential dangers. This increases the safety and performance of tank truck vehicles or other facilities.

Additionally to the emergency stop and automatic stop possibilities the ATEX approved LRC Small/Remote Dead Man System offers the possibility of rotational speed control, fill process interruptions and starting or use of outputs for other purposes. The LRC-Small/Remote is battery operated with an ATEX approved battery-package and the system has a wide and safe radio range. Experience with the system on the market since 20 years with around 5000 installations worldwide.


Pictured: Dead Man controls in LPG tanker truck | Dead Man controls in ship loading facilities | Dead Man controls in Ammonia trailer

Crossfill Prevention, Overfill Prevention, Theft Control, Tracking/Mapping/Geofencing

SECU MultiTank is the complete and comprehensive solution for safe and efficient fuel distribution covering automated and electronic Crossfill Prevention, Overfill Prevention, Theft Control with Tracking/Mapping/Geofencing and Alarm Mailing.

Next to the importance that product mix into compartments of tanker-trucks and into fuel-stations need to be avoided, the control of the product during transport, to be sure, that the exact amount and quality what has being loaded at the depot arrives at the fuel station, becomes more and more important. Combined with a comprehensive data-management informations of the complete logistic chain is provided in real-time and location for mineral-oil companies and hauliers.

Secu-Tech: Providing safe and efficient fuel distribution in Nordics and Baltics


01 / 2020

Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH (SECU-TECH) is a global supplier for systems and solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution focusing on electronic Overfill Prevention Systems, Cross-Fill-Prevention Systems, SPD and E-Sealing (Theft Control) Systems, Dead-Man-Systems, Data Management Solutions including Tacking, Mapping, Geo-Fencing, Alarm-Mailing, etc.



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HMK Bilcon Aalborg / Denmark – Technical Product Training in Leobersdorf

training daenemark

HMK Bilcon Aalborg / Dänemark

Technical Product – Training in Leobersdorf


Secu-Tech welcomed technical staff from HMK Bilcon Aalborg/Denmark for technical product trainings at Secu-Tech on 13th and 14th February 2019. All products and solutions for tanker-trucks have been trained by our Product Manager – Eng. Herbert Heissenberger. All important product news have been discussed added by application examples. The pictures shows the hand-over of the certificate „Certified and Trained Partner from Secu-Tech“ by our Product Manager to the participants of the training.

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