Secu-Tech projects

As a specialist in products and solutions for the petrochemical and chemical industry has SECU Tech for many years a fixed stand.
We present on our homepage our inventions, some of which are backed by patents and developed for EX and non-EX areas range for the petrochemical industry in ownership.
Our products are overfill protection against overfilling of tank contents with or without a wireless data transmission. These products are also for LPG & industrial gases as well and already in use in many countries worldwide.

Our crossfill prevention for ASA / QSS with radio data transmission is (eg, anti-theft system) is successfully in use in many countries for a long time.

For level measurement with radio data transmission and its own PC program for all instruments with 4-20 mA outputs Secu -Tech products can be used.

Refueling ship / ship unloading by ADN with fail safe "and" Fail to Safe system used in various fuel stations and docks. Our systems are successfully used for the refueling / unloading of tank vehicles and the fueling of stationary containers and tanks.

Tank truck equipment such as dipstick system, fuel tank, safety devices, anti-theft protection, and much more are displayed on our website and described.



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