SECU DATA Wireless Data transfer


The products of the serie SECU-DATA use newest technologies for the transfer of measuring data via radio connections in the 433 MHz band for different applications:

Wireless transfer of data of:

  • 4-20 mA signals
  • Relais contacts
  • Namur signals
  • TRbF signals
  • RS232

Typical applications are process-control, process-automation in the industry, evaluation of different sensors for tempertur, humidity, level in the chemical industry, remote-control of every sensors with analog output 4-20 mA interface,often used in the process-technics or level-indicator systems.

Special „barriers“ with high current yield and stable output-voltage allow applications also in Ex-areas, Zone 1.

Main advantages:

  • Measurement data transfer from Ex-areas in safe non-Ex areas
  • No cabling, no groundloop
  • Quick and easy installation without digging grounds
  • Highest reliability
  • High range (up to 1,5 km)


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