SECU DATA L Wireless data-transfer tank level measurement


From different level-sensors (for example hydrostatic, radar, micro-wave, etc.) with 4-20mA outputs as well as from different areas (up to 100) the fill-levels can be measured and transfered to a PC.  The program SECU DATA Manager  vizualises the level informations and produces data for an eventual further processing. The program can be downloaded free of charge from our homepage

Main advantages:

  • Wireless data-transfer
  • For use in EX-areas (SD 420L, SD 421L, SD 232L)
  • Protection IP67 for outdoor use
  • No cabling between measurement-place and central place
  • Quick and easy installation without digging work
  • Highest reliability by radio-transmission without disturbances and automatic channel-search
  • Management up to 100 tanks
  • Range for local tanks up to 1500 m
  • Tanks far away can be easy connected with modems
  • Bidirectional radio-transmission. Send- and receiving frequency are in the 433 MHz band, small-banded, 64 channels in 8 frequency-blocks (block number on the device), 25 kHz channel-distance, automatic search of an undisturbed channel.
  • Range:  1,5 km in free field (higher ranges with 30cm aerials or aerial-extensions)
  • Highest temperature stability, insensitive for disturbances
  • Hardware-data transfer rate between SECU DATA devices: 4.800 Baud


Hint for operation / measurement /data transfer:
For every tank resp. level sensor you would need a device (SD 1420L, SD 1421L, SD 420L or SD 421L). For connection to the PC you need a device SD 1232L resp.  SD 232L. Further you would need for every device an antenna. For every device you need a EX-barriere SB 125.
The systems need power supply.

Product Information


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