LRC SMALL LPG LPG Overfill Prevention


The LRC Small/Gas System controlles automatically the tank level limit. If the admissible level is reached the filling is stopped automatically by the contact of the LPG with the limit probe (DE). Additionally the operator can interrupt/stop the filling immediately by using the LRC-Small handheld device or the LRC-Small/Remote device during the filling process or change the rotationary speed. The filling process can also be restarted any time directly on the LRC-Small handheld device or the LRC-Small/Remote.

In countries where a limit probe is not obligatory and not used, the overfill prevention is done by the EX-proofed LRC-Small/Remote device. A deadman is activated (dead-man-time can be set customer specific ) and the operater presses the Stop-button as soon as the tank is full, to close the valve on the tanker-truck and release a fill-stop (radio-controlled).

The following functions can be activated with the LRC-Small/Gas handheld device resp. the EX-Remote device:

  • Motor Start/Stop
  • Filling Start/Stop
  • Rotational Speed Control
  • Fill interruption and restart
  • Up- and unroll hose reel
  • Dead-man function
  • ANA function (Germany)
  • Automatical fill-stop
  • 100% overfill prevention
  • all Remote Control functions integrated in one system
  • check of functionality of limit probe
  • no cable used
  • faster unloading increases the efficiency of the tanker truck
  • better utilization of tankers as per unloading process by effectively saving time
  • easier handling and (operators) drivers comfort
  • ATEX-certificate: TÜV-A Ex-00.ATEX.0001X,  classification LRC-Small/Gas und LRC-Small  II2(1)G EEx ib[ia] IIB T4
  • CE-conformity: conform according to EN 55011/1998, EN50082-2, l. 95/54/EG
  • Radio Module: conform according to EN 300 220-1, proofed by Senton Deutschland
Further certifications:
  • VdTÜV-Bauteilkennzeichen TÜ-AGG 340-01
  • VdTÜV-Bauteilkennzeichen ÜS1.06-50 Flüssiggas
EU-obligatory EWG-Typengenehmigung for KFZ-Elektronik: e12 02 0094


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