Battery powered Level Gauging

delta_blueDeltaBlue is a battery powered Level Gauge using a hydrostatic probe. The measured data will be sent to our “Tankmonitoring” data evaluation program via an integrated modem and thus, is always available. The SIM card can be chosen and integrated by the customer. A High- and Low- level Alarm can be adjusted. The customer will be informed by email when a certain level is reached.

In standard configuration, the filling level is measured every hour and is sent to our platform every 6 hours.

Advantages and Features:

  • Low maintenance
  • No need for power supply at site
  • If requested, we can support you with the settings
  • Continuous level measurement
  • High accuracy
  • High- and low- level alarm via mail
  • Data management “Tankmonitoring“
  • IP67/ -30°C to +70°C
  • Battery lifetime: around 3 years

Applications, for example:

  • Tank measurements for different kinds of liquid products
  • Well and pit monitoring
  • Agriculture applications
  • Lake water level monitoring

For different hights of tanks and applications, different measuring sensors are provided. We are pleased to advise you. Filling-in the „Tank Configurator“ helps, to provide a first overview of your special configuration.

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