Stationary Overfill Prevention Systems for use in non-EX- and EX Applications


The Overfill Prevention BC1 is a safety system used as an alarm system for filling tanks respectively as a limiter for tanks with liquid products.

The system consists of: Display Device with Limit Probe and Cable


  • Old Oils
  • Diesel
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • AdBlue
  • different types of Heating Oil (light, heavy, bio)
  • Industrial Oil
  • different Chemicals
  • Oil-Water mixture
  • Vegetable Oil
  • etc.

Advantages and Features

  • Optical and Acoustic Alarm when the Liquid is touching the Limit Probe
  • Acknowledgement Button for the Acoustic Alarm
  • Potential free Relay Contacts:
    - Alarm 1: Continuously switched
    - Alarm 2: Equal to Alarm 1 but acknowledgeable – for connection of Signal Lamp, for example an Acoustic Alarm or external Operating Display

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