Secu-Tech projects

Secu-Tech Projects

Secu-Tech is a global supplier of systems and solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution for Mineraloil-, Petrochemical- and Chemical Industry as well as LPG, Ship-Loading, Ship Bunkering and Airport Applications.
We present on our homepage our inventions, some of them are protected by patents.
Our product range covers intrinsically safe and fail-safe comprehensive, innovative and automated solutions for depots / tanker-trucks / petrol-stations for
-          Cross Over Prevention
-          Overfill Prevention
-          Theft Control
-          Sealed-Parcel-Delivery
as well as
-          Wireless data transfer in EX-areas
-          Level Gauging
SECU MultiTank offers high-tech solutions for multiple tank-refuelling according to existing european and international standards and covering Cross-Over-Prevention, Overfill-Prevention and Theft Control as well as Sealed-Parcel-Delivery in one system integrated. SECU MultiTank = enormous productivity increase and cost saving as well as safety on loading an unloading.
LRC-systems, Level Remote Control, the radio-controlled fill- and overfill-prevention systems used for single-tank refuellings, such as LPG, AdBlue, Heating-Oil, Diesel, Chemicals, Ship Bunkering, etc., providing 100% overfill-prevention with additional remote control functions as well as used as an EX-Deadman solution in a lot of LPG and petrochemical and chemical applications.
ADN Solutions – offering wireless overfill prevention on loading- and unloading tanker-ships accompanied by Remote Control devices for emergency-stop according to the european ADN regulations.
SECU-DATA systems offers high-accurate wireless data-transfer in EX- and non-EX areas whereas
SECU-DATA Level offers high-accurate level gauging combined with wireless data transfer für EX- and non-EX areas to a data-management-program or into a PLC system.
Below please find some of our actual and successful application projects for Secu-Tech products and solutions and proprietary developments:

ADN - Transport of dangerous goods on european waterways.

ADN Solution for internatioal carriage of dangerous goods on inland waterways

COP and overfill prevention 

Avoids a overfill and nomix of different oil products (none-ATEX).

ATEX proof cable overfill prevention.

Product Mix Control System

Cross Over Prevention - Overfill Prevention - Sealed Parcel Function

Overfill prevention for LPG tank trucks.
Level Gauge with automatic Data Transfer
and PC Tank Monitoring

Battery used contactless ultra sonic  tank gauge system. Tank monitoring via internet tank table. Warnings and route planning  included. Succesful applications for different kind of liquids and solid fuels.

Tank Level Remote Control

Level Gauging with and without Data Tansfer for Tank Monitoring.
Level gauge system with electronical probes.

Tank level mananging system with different control functions.

Tank Level Transfer Data System 


Fail safe, contactless data transfer for long distance connection -up to 1,5 km-  Longer distances with modem connection.





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