Secu-Tech offers all our customers and clients the opportunity to take  part on our product trainings held in customers premises or directly in Austria at Secu-Tech Head Office.

28/09/ 2017
STA Technical / Technical & Installation Training /Leobersorf

Warren Peters and Produkt Manager Herbert Heissenberger while handing over the training certification.

STA Technical in Austria for technical training of SECU TECH products

06/04/ 2017

Company Topaz / Dublin/ Ireland  / Technic & Installation Training

Theoretical explanations about SECU MultiTANK for product mixture protection. 

SECU-TECH Training for SECU MultiTANK installation SECU-TECH Product Manager shows SECU MultiTESTER in the case of employee training Technology training for SECU MultiTANK to avoid product mix on petrol stations

Images from the primary Installtion for SECU MultiTANK in Ireland

 TW- couplings assembling Stainless steel couplings Fasten the fill pipe coupling

Assembly work for TW coupling Service stations couplings for filling tanks. Fully assembled SECU MultiTANK system to avoid product mixtures when dispensing from the tanker truck to the service station

16/01/ 2017 to 19/01/2017
Company Flexiflo Corp. / Dubai / United Arabian Emirates  / Sales & Technic Training

SECU-TECH in Dubai for sales and technical training   The managing director Mrs. Dagmar Höckner-Schallmeiner welcomed theWelcomes the participants  

SECU-TECH Product Manager explains the structure of the overfill protection Level Remote Control  Flexxiflo Sales manager from different countries at the SECU-TECH Training in Dubai.

Flexxiflo Managers with certification as well trained company accompanied by Mrs. Höckner-Schallmeiner.     Flexxiflo members of stuff at the workshop with SECU-TECH.

12.12. - 16.12.2016
Company Colvic / Johannesburg / South Africa / Customers And User Training
Technic Training - Colvic - Johannesburg - South AfrikaStaff Members at Secu-Tech Technic & Sales Training with Calvic in JohannesburgSecu- Tech moderators at the presentation in the training room

Training at the  trainings center company. Colvic   360° Kamera

Company Inrag / Basel  / Switzerland  / Customer and User Training

Secu- Tech training for costomers and users   Secu Tech technical training for Switzerland customers.  Secu Tech Product Manager at the lecture at Inrag / Basel / Switzerland



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